Assassin's Creed 2

This is the best game I have ever played. This is my contribution to the so awaited second part of the game. All those that have finished the game know the importance of Lucy and the heredity of her past. On having thought about the projection of the second part of the game, I thought that lucy should take the relief as protagonist. This is her medieval-murderess version.

Earth's Daughter

In the warmth and the imperfection of the lines is where the original extract of the work resides. The dirt of the pencil suggests the wild character, the topic of the illustration. The first lights of dawn are just steps towards the digital warmth. One more homage to J.M.Auel Earth's Children.


Prince of persia

The line constructs the figure and depends on it. With time the shapes will end up by depending only on the tonal contrasts. The environment is a tridimensinal illusion. Maybe textures are not homogeneous enough, but it has been a good attempt.

I have always loved this game =)