Animation reel

The world of animation is the world of movement. By working on character studio, i'm finding a way to create some movements and acrobatics that I never thought I would be able to do.

I must say that the movement drawing class I attended during my degree has been very useful.


The highpoly sculpting process is a unique chance to demonstrate anatomy knowledge, texture surface and all the small details of the character. It's a pity that just a texture comes out of this.


Here is my first character! A mesh of aproximately 7000 polys, mapped with three texture channels (diffuse, specular and normal), with a physique and a 60 bone skeleton. An ugly mutant ready for the gameplay!

This is part of the game "Burning thirst", wich I'm currently developing.


Finally, I jump into 3d Art. After a year of learning and development in the MCV (Master in Creation of Videogames) of the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona I'm prepared, with the necessary expressive resources and skills to actively take part in the videogame industry.

Thus my real search begins! If you like it, please do no hesitate to call =)