Sometimes I work with java teams, what mainly means that they cannot handle real 3d, so the way to work is pre-rendering. Yo do your own model without any concern about the polycount, the only thing that counts is to have a well set camera oriented as an isometric view and be faithful to the concept. Having an unique point of view gives you the chance to add some tricks in the model and not worrying much about what is behind.

This is rendered using V-ray and using different render elements. They are mixed in photoshop and ready for the over-painting.



Its always cool when you have the chance to work in a really interesting asset, something that you haven't tried before and represents a real challenge for you. That's more o less the case with this metro wagon. Its supposed to be a damaged wagon, planed to be in the middle of a scene hanging from above. The material its a multi-subobject of two materials. The first is the metro in the good state and the other is the damaged one. The model works as a mirror, one side is normal and the other is damaged. That gives you the chance to have both models of the same metro, having for example two complete  wagons in the normal state and one damaged (the one that supposedly has received the impact).