Human Figure Studies III: Movement!

 Here comes maybe the most motivating part of my career. Drawing an alive model means to give life to your drawings. After understanding how our machine works, after drawing and studing human figure for four years  you are able to draw someone who is not quiet. These sessions were of constant movement, what means catching the poses and use your understanding to draw it in few seconds.

These compositions were single pieces of dancers of the Theater Institute in Barcelona.

Human Figure Studies II: Anatomy

Understanding how the body works is necessary to recognize the shapes beneath the skin and how the silouete is build. Knowing how to place the bones and the muscles  in every pose represent the core of the real understanding of the human shape. Once you understand, you are ready to place the elements, to draw them.
The shape of the bones give us tracks to see how the body joints work. This part of drawing bones represent a deeper study of the human anatomy artwise. Its good to know how the machine works, that help us to understand every bending of the human body.

Human Figure Studies I: The two hours session

Drawing. That was the core of my studies during my four years of studing my career in Fine Arts, all the knowledge about the human figure and its anatomy. Sometimes, specially in the requirements of different jobs I am applying for, I am asked for my artistic background. I had a lot of studies of my earlier days as an artist and I have decided to prepare a sequence of different collages of a lot of single drawings all of them put togehter.

My most common duty as a student was the 2-3 hour session with real models  drawing in a 100x70cm paper with charcoal and other dry techniques. The goal was making the composition fit in the space catching at the same time the proportion, perspective, intention movement and anatomy details. All the figures in this composition were done following these requirements, in single papers in different mornings each one.