It's nearly two years developing the same project at work. Its interesting and challenging but I cannot show anything until the release date. So I am using the few spare time I have to push my limits as a 3d artist. This is not the only model I am doing for free, I have a couple more but I need time for them.  
Its difficult to say how much time spent in this high poly mesh, and I cannot say exaclty when I will finish it, I hope by the end of the summer. One thing for sure, it will  be for real time.

The character is an orc from the mountains. I am aiming to a different kind of armour that the ones we all saw in The lord of the rings. All the assets he's wearing are natural elements roughly handcrafted. Everytinh will have they say after texturing.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 - I

I could participate in The Amazing Spiderman 2, the game. I did only 2 NPCs and some fixes in another ones already done. This was the first one. Having the opportunity to do a cop it's always interesting, however an NPC has a super low polycount and it's meant to be seen from far. Despite of the normal map I took from the high poly, the low poly mesh runs with a single diffuse, with even the specular faked into it.



I had the chance to work on the official game of the movie "Epic" from BlueSky Studios. That was an amazing experience. The job was simple, make the low poly, projections and texture. The good part is that the high poly model was the original from the film, and it was nice to see how all the loops were working and which is the quality level of an official finished character in an animation film.



Here goes a couple of studios I did for skylines during the master. I have reworked them a bit, just to work as illustrations cause they were meant to be skyboxes. I have some more sky paintings from some cartoon game I did, I will post them soon.


Tank Battles

I work in that project many months ago, but it has not been released until few weeks ago. It was a nice experience, making turrets and chain-wheels. Every tank has three part, wheels, body and turret. In game tanks are customized by the user, so all the pieces must fit together with all tanks. Textures are greyscale and there's only a diffuse and a specular. The color goes by vertex color and the cammo its an overlay texture added by the shader. The ones in the picture are my ones.


I have also worked in the environment of the market where the user customize his own tank. Its one of the fisrt full environments I do, and I did it together with Javi, my old partner, who was more experienced than me. In the beggining the garage was full of objects and chains with hooks hanging from the ceiling, but continuous  feedbacks removed almost everything until we had a clean more o less empty space.

Danger Dash

Danger Dash! is my last game released, It's a 2d game with 3D characters prerendered. The hero and the adventure girl are not the exactly the same than ingame, we changed them a bit modifying the mesh to make the Hero more muscled and girl more cartoon. The polycount is between six and eight thousand triangles and textures are just a normal map and a clean diffuse. Something simple to fit and keep the cartoonish style of the game.


Action MMO RPG

This is a small collaboration in a project that was never released. The first image is soposed to have a nice particle effect inside the mouth, creating a gate of light where the enemies arrive from another world.
The concept of the idea came from a partner of mine.


Conan (w.i.p.)

Here is my current personal model. Still in working progress I am working on it between hours, in my free time and whenever its possible. I will finish it soon, but I can start showing something =)


Human Figure Studies III: Movement!

 Here comes maybe the most motivating part of my career. Drawing an alive model means to give life to your drawings. After understanding how our machine works, after drawing and studing human figure for four years  you are able to draw someone who is not quiet. These sessions were of constant movement, what means catching the poses and use your understanding to draw it in few seconds.

These compositions were single pieces of dancers of the Theater Institute in Barcelona.

Human Figure Studies II: Anatomy

Understanding how the body works is necessary to recognize the shapes beneath the skin and how the silouete is build. Knowing how to place the bones and the muscles  in every pose represent the core of the real understanding of the human shape. Once you understand, you are ready to place the elements, to draw them.
The shape of the bones give us tracks to see how the body joints work. This part of drawing bones represent a deeper study of the human anatomy artwise. Its good to know how the machine works, that help us to understand every bending of the human body.

Human Figure Studies I: The two hours session

Drawing. That was the core of my studies during my four years of studing my career in Fine Arts, all the knowledge about the human figure and its anatomy. Sometimes, specially in the requirements of different jobs I am applying for, I am asked for my artistic background. I had a lot of studies of my earlier days as an artist and I have decided to prepare a sequence of different collages of a lot of single drawings all of them put togehter.

My most common duty as a student was the 2-3 hour session with real models  drawing in a 100x70cm paper with charcoal and other dry techniques. The goal was making the composition fit in the space catching at the same time the proportion, perspective, intention movement and anatomy details. All the figures in this composition were done following these requirements, in single papers in different mornings each one.



Sometimes I work with java teams, what mainly means that they cannot handle real 3d, so the way to work is pre-rendering. Yo do your own model without any concern about the polycount, the only thing that counts is to have a well set camera oriented as an isometric view and be faithful to the concept. Having an unique point of view gives you the chance to add some tricks in the model and not worrying much about what is behind.

This is rendered using V-ray and using different render elements. They are mixed in photoshop and ready for the over-painting.



Its always cool when you have the chance to work in a really interesting asset, something that you haven't tried before and represents a real challenge for you. That's more o less the case with this metro wagon. Its supposed to be a damaged wagon, planed to be in the middle of a scene hanging from above. The material its a multi-subobject of two materials. The first is the metro in the good state and the other is the damaged one. The model works as a mirror, one side is normal and the other is damaged. That gives you the chance to have both models of the same metro, having for example two complete  wagons in the normal state and one damaged (the one that supposedly has received the impact).


Nova 3

This was a real challenge. We received to concept from RedSteam and from there it was a five days production between me and one of my team partners. He did the arm, the foot and the calf part, and I did the rest. We divided the work between Max and Zbrush, and once we had the high poly, we projected all the details on a 3000 traingles mesh, with five L.O.D. The character use a diffuse, specular, normal and a self illumination map.

The commander is one of the characters of
Nova 3, it was a colaboration with the team that developed the game.



And this is another personal project, between hours, designed to train myself, to do things I have never done before in 3d. I focussed my attention in the folds of cloth and in the curly hair effect. By the other hand I tried another kind of loops in the retopology for the part of the main body. The head follows the loops that most of the current game models use to animate the face.


This is one of this characters that I have been working between hours, in the launch break or in moments of no work. The design is mine, made by differents refferences of armour, and the whole production alowed me to learn tricks and ways of creating textures or meshes really useful for the work I do. This is something I will always do, to create for the pleasure of creating.


Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village is my first published title, where I had the chance to go a bit crazy with the polycount cause the models were suposed the be animated renders, nevertheless they are between the 3000 and 6000 trinagles. Only a diffuse map is used.


Social Animals


All these animals were created to fill the environments of a social game that was never released. They have around 500 triangles and 512 pixels textures, all of them handpainted. No high poly, no other maps than the handpainted difuse. I spent one day per each of them, low poly modeling before lunch and textures in the afternoon. That was a really funny time.


Cartoon workshop

This was meant to be an example of style and evolution for a standard building, in that case a workshop. It has 1k tringles and the texture for the whole evolution is 512 pixels. The texture is handpainted, just a single difuse.


Cartoon Skies

These three images are style studies of skies for the first cartoon game I worked for. The title was never released and these pictures were left behind during the production of the game. These days I am recovering some stuff that i think its worth it to be shown.
The first image is just a research but the second and and the third one were made to be transformed in a vertical cross, the six sides of a skybox that was meant to be the full sky ingame.
The best part of this kind of cartoonish style is that allows you to paint a lot and make you feel creative.



Krauser is the final boss of the "burning thirst" project, developed during the MCV in 2010. It was my first game, not published of course, but amazing by the way. Here is the link if anyone wants to play.