Cartoon Skies

These three images are style studies of skies for the first cartoon game I worked for. The title was never released and these pictures were left behind during the production of the game. These days I am recovering some stuff that i think its worth it to be shown.
The first image is just a research but the second and and the third one were made to be transformed in a vertical cross, the six sides of a skybox that was meant to be the full sky ingame.
The best part of this kind of cartoonish style is that allows you to paint a lot and make you feel creative.


Horvath Janos said...


I am interested in your cartoon skyboxes. I would like to use them in our 3D editor software (CraftWare) will be available for free at http://www.craftunique.com
I am not sure that is will fit well or not so maybe some tweaking needed. If we can cooperate somehow please contact me at info@craftunique.com

Thanks. Janos.

Bas Wijkstra said...

Could i please use this for my unity project?

Pau Borràs Sol said...

Hello guys,

This work is unfortunately private but to get nice skyboxes made of 6 different images (6 sides of the box) you can use a software called HDRShop, in wich you can project a vertical-horizontal (flat, normal) image into a mirrored ball and from this, projecting the result into a box (a vertical cross which is a cube unwrapped). Its as simple as transforming from vertical-horizontal to a vertical cross. Check it, it's not dificult.

I hope this can be helpfull,