Nova 3

This was a real challenge. We received to concept from RedSteam and from there it was a five days production between me and one of my team partners. He did the arm, the foot and the calf part, and I did the rest. We divided the work between Max and Zbrush, and once we had the high poly, we projected all the details on a 3000 traingles mesh, with five L.O.D. The character use a diffuse, specular, normal and a self illumination map.

The commander is one of the characters of
Nova 3, it was a colaboration with the team that developed the game.



And this is another personal project, between hours, designed to train myself, to do things I have never done before in 3d. I focussed my attention in the folds of cloth and in the curly hair effect. By the other hand I tried another kind of loops in the retopology for the part of the main body. The head follows the loops that most of the current game models use to animate the face.


This is one of this characters that I have been working between hours, in the launch break or in moments of no work. The design is mine, made by differents refferences of armour, and the whole production alowed me to learn tricks and ways of creating textures or meshes really useful for the work I do. This is something I will always do, to create for the pleasure of creating.


Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village is my first published title, where I had the chance to go a bit crazy with the polycount cause the models were suposed the be animated renders, nevertheless they are between the 3000 and 6000 trinagles. Only a diffuse map is used.


Social Animals


All these animals were created to fill the environments of a social game that was never released. They have around 500 triangles and 512 pixels textures, all of them handpainted. No high poly, no other maps than the handpainted difuse. I spent one day per each of them, low poly modeling before lunch and textures in the afternoon. That was a really funny time.